Trees were so green that they made me want to eat greens while hanging upside down on a branch, swallowing one ball of air after another. This was one of those days where the sun leaned forward a lil too much forward and its sunlight hit you front, back and to the sides.
I waved the grumpy drivers advancing through the traffic like worms inching toward the light. My little two feet could take me all the places I wanted to go. I mocked the sun with my glowing skin and I danced under the rain that washed out of me all that had nothing to do with me.
Strangers always ask where is my home as if I came from Mars or something. I stopped asking where are theirs because their faces get all twisted up and they start breathing fire and I end up taking the wind for a ride before they could call the cops.
Cops these muscled arms, angry and panicked voices, armed to teeth to contain the evil in the streets when not chasing after children of freedom like me.
The wind between my legs, I go on a cruise around the city, knocking on glass houses and iron hearts, searching and seeking, searching and seeking for children of freedom like me.

People always ask for my name. Trying to sound out the background music of my life, but people don’t have rhythm and those who do, don’t know when the music has stopped playing and it’s time to go home and return to their glass lives. But I have a name, but it’s a windy one, you have to be carried at least once in your life by either the eastern, western, northern, southern wind to hear my name.

Children of freedom like me don’t bother with names, we see through and tap gently your core searching and seeking for that light, for any light to make you a child of freedom like me…


9 thoughts on “#2

  1. This creates a space of freedom, where you bask in your life. It does paint your soul with spirituality. I love how your characters form by reflecting your thoughts. Beautiful one, Jomul. šŸ™‚

  2. It is rare to come across someone who really is a free spirit. Someone free-spirited without a chip on their shoulder about it. There is such compassion in what you write all of the time. It makes visiting your blog an ongoing series of joys.

      • It’s what I see.

        Being a free spirit is something I strive to be too. I think I can guess how it would mean something to you.

      • keep striving, I think there’s nothing more worthy to attain than that because it takes a lot of courage in today’s world to be who you are meant to be.

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