This right here

I am in the moment and the moment is in me. I can feel its wet and sloppy kiss all over me. Now all wet, I don’t reach for a towel, I just stand there, my eyes closed, in the moment, under the sun, enjoying every drop.
Then you come in and this moment is ours for the taking. You step softly, firmly in here and now as your presence sends ripples across my galaxy. We fold this moment into a cocoon to keep the darkness out. We stand on our big toes, pirouetting and circling, picking the Earth’s heartbeat and spiraling it into the air. Our love unfolds and turns and swerves the air, the seconds around us. Caught in the moment as the wings flutter, stars wink, light flies by, we remove our shells delicately, saying adieu to past selves, burning past selves and raising a holy smoke on this altar, in this moment.


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