Desire so simple and yet so fierce: to be held again. To feel her moist and tired skin against mine and her caress on my back as it absorbs my pain away. If I close my eyes, days, weeks, months and years will go by and I will still be in her arms, rocked left and right, a gentle and speechless song on her soft lips bringing my weary heart to rest. This is where the universe is, between my heartbeat and hers you can hear it chanting the chorus of eternal now.
Life, and its crashing waves that lick repeatedly the coasts of now without ever committing to a full kiss, has brought me here and to you. My arms stretched out, the question in my eyes   and every atom in me seek, knock and beg to return to your embrace. Time, my enemy grips me by the throat every time you release me, I gasp and tremble for your embrace, the eternity of your embrace, for those lips all over me once more. Death pokes at me while Time has me suspended between Heaven and Earth, they want to clean me out and leave my bones white and shiny under the phlegmatic Sun. But I was white and hot with desire. Raving mad and feverish for a skin to skin contact as your heat becomes my heat while we leave life and death behind, locked forever in a tug of war.
Next time I enter your embrace, lock us both in this moment and throw away the keys into the worm hole of Time, our friends and family will find forgiveness with time. Me and you will be here and now and skin to skin.


4 thoughts on “#5

  1. Beautiful this — “Desire so simple and yet so fierce.”

    You have embraced sensuality in language of feelings. Beautifully done, Jomul. 🙂

    • yes it took me awhile to see that this is the language that I always liked in other writers and now it’s time for me to try it on myself and I’m happy I did.

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