To be in JHVH
At first, it wasn’t question whether you are in or out, you were simply in and all the way in. Awake or asleep, thirsty or hungry, tired or rested, curious or bored, you were in. There was no such thing as outside or the world out there.  The intimacy between animate and inanimate things was a given. An aura surrounded everything and everyone. Communion took place anywhere and days could turn into weeks and weeks into months and months into…while you were enraptured in the piquant, distinguished, playful, seductive smell that noisette roses gave off as your nostrils remained at a respectful distance and your eyes remain closed. Your whole being, still and one, would rise waves after waves of praise. Your whole being, still and one, would hum in unison with the universe a chant so ancient and yet so new.
You could hear the light sing as it stepped over the darkness and you could see the sound bounce as it surrounded silence. Even darkness had a light grip over the world; it lulled gently the world to sleep, resetting it in its entirety before the Sun made its royal entrance. Silence sharpened the tremor of every sound, sending waves upon waves to every breathing being to feel and listen and yes to listen fully as a whole to one another. Time cycled itself and embarks all the stars in its wake to return again and again.
Sometimes you wake up and can’t seem to join the past to your present, something about the way the hair on your skin rises when the world rushes past you, something about the way light kisses your skin and your eyes leave me in half and hanging on the edge by the skin of my teeth. Below me groans eternity in all its chaos and beauty, I am a rootless tree suspended between heaven and earth, my branches raised toward you, sun and water to my core. I search you.


3 thoughts on “#6

  1. …brilliant evocations. You connect with the soul, finding beauty to praise. How easily you travel through intricate lines, creating your own voice to blend in the nature. This is how balance works. You give and share. I’m in love with your detailed picture. 🙂

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