This gaped face looks back at me in the mirror

a flicker of light is dancing nervously on the surface of his eyes

strands of hair keeps hidden his intelligence

“You look familiar” I say

that’s the moment he decides to walk away

the space he occupied still retains his smell

as if it refuses, like I do, to let him go

I should order my legs to follow him

I should leave the space I occupy to follow him

I can’t, I will not leave my post for him or anyone

The sound of his boots gets softer and softer

My dress trembles with excitement urging me to run after him

I clench it to let her know who is in control around here

The memories are still floating around

The kiss, the slap, the kicks, the flowers, the lovemaking

I can still pick them up one by one and examine them

His footsteps on my heart are visible for anyone to see

There’s no need to hide or display your battle scars

You are now

A beautiful monster with symmetries and irregularities

To make the heart stop and the eye gaze

What a wonder!

You are now

Let’s hold, you and I, this space, right here between your skin and mine

Let the memories float and stumble

Do you want the truth?

I left a little souvenir on his right rear end.


2 thoughts on “#7

  1. This poem is full of surprises and a serpentine humour and emotion. I really really like it. The poem almost seems to keep turning around at the reader -as though I am following along behind- just to see what I am doing. That is really neat.

    I have noticed that you have a gift for writing from many different perspectives, taking on many different characters. Have you thought about writing short stories and longer fiction too?

    • thanks a lot for thinking through this poem. I feel honored that you took the time to really see what was going on and yes even though I have turned recently to poetry in recent years, my first love remains fiction. I been writing short stories and wrote two novellas that I’m still editing. I like when characters speak to me and make me write.

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