On the subject of inner peace

Inner peace is on the surface of skin. When those lips stop twitching and your face relaxes, your eyes stop flickering and the hair on your skin stops rising.

It also hides just underneath your toes as you gently let them uncurl and embrace the soil, and you can hear the dum dum the Earth is sending to your heart.

It revolves, twists and rolls up in the air when you meet people you don’t really like, but you are too coy to see it so you pretend without knowing and stays at your civilized manners, holding your breath in while everything inside wants to scream out.

Inner peace, so elusive, so capricious, waiting at the corner for me, playing hide and seek with my heart,even when my life depends on it. No worries, I will set up traps in this home, in these eyes for you and me, nothing rushed, nothing brusque, it will be all blues and jazzy.


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