On the subject of fear

saliva is always first to leave my mouth hanging me to dry

then my neck (sometimes my pants) bulges with excitement

it then runs all over my skin causing a racket like wind in a savannah

and the worst part is it’s just warming up

The next thing I know words, thoughts, sounds and images take on weight

my eyes betray me

my lips speak out of turn

gravity stops holding me

the north star refuses me direction

my heart knocks for a way out my chest

They are all after me

they all want a piece of me

To swallow me whole and leave me

dust for dust

ashes for ashes

but they don’t know

they don’t know that dust rises like smoke

and you can sweep it today but it will be back tomorrow.


7 thoughts on “On the subject of fear

  1. That is flippin fantastic – love the inherent optimism in this, but also the righteous anger. The “they are all after me, they all want a piece of me” bit is perfect, sets the tone for the promise. I really really enjoyed this.

      • Fear or passion, which is it really? I don’t get fear out of that piece, I get strength and lots of it, and I think that is the opposite of fear. You have done a great job here.

      • That’s a very interesting thing to say that you see passion and I think you are right. I started with what fear makes me feel, but passion must have swept me away and I didn’t notice. Thanks again!

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