Mary, Mary you will be the death of me

She walked and smoked

Blowing factory fumes up in the air

Her steps pacing to the dead rhythm

Of factory workers doing the love work

As for him, he barely kept up with her

Trying and panting

Gasping and trying

You could see how he wrestled with himself

To sort himself out to be with her


Mary, mary you will be the death of me

But death gets lonely

So I will need your warm body

To make me feel alive and whole again

Be mine for a blink of an eye

Let’s hold hands like the old couple we will never be

Let’s embrace every little bit of each other

Let’s settle down in this moment

And build glass houses on clouds

Before goodbyes stick in our throats

And the light at the end of the tunnel fades away


She turned a corner and vanished

The shadow of her swaying hips

Lingering in his mind

Another missed catch

The sun was going down

And the stars started chiming in

Was that a bird or her love flying by?

He watched the trees dance to the serenade of the wind

How come the world is still spinning?


5 thoughts on “Mary, Mary you will be the death of me

  1. The last stanza really jingles the senses, especially the “chiming” of the stars. The sound of chimes makes me think of a ritual act, a call to the spirits.

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