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Bring Me The African Guy

From my outbox:

Are you familiar with the Grecian concept of kairos? I very much like kairos. I think when we worry too much about the time we spend not writing, we are too embedded in chronos—which is ticking time, and not kairos, which is perchance, serendipitous moments when something special happens.

Ok, I realize that I’m not making things any clearer here. Let me try again.

When you think you’re not actively writing, you’re still writing, because your mind is taking mental notes. Sure, there is something to writing by routine, there is something to sitting down at dawn when it’s still dark and waiting for that light at the end of your pencil when something to write comes up, but there is also this having your life interrupted, whether by family or friends or a horse chewing on a damn violin and won’t you please stop that…

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