Bank owners of this world slither their way to work on scooters
Paupers of this world limp their way into heaven on golden wings
Black children wear white masks in the playground
White children cut off their wings and soil their white robes
Brown children spit their identity in spanglish

Fashion divas crowd the hands me down stores
Gold wearing homeless ladies hold tea parties at street parties
Black children tour the zoo to let out animals out and the humans in
White children codify Chinese mythology into tam tam sounds
Trigger happy video gamers rewrite the human laws of reality
Ndombolo dancers step to rumba and Cuban salsa
A ku Klux Klan former leader pencils “I have a Dream” in song lyrics
A Chinese interrogator hums Will I Am featuring Common “I have a Dream”
Broadway dancers show off capoeira moves imported by Congolese slaves
White corporate uses African voodoo to promote rap music to black audiences
Street hustlers teach economics 101 at universities
Burger flippers manage hedge funds at wall street
Linguistic bricoleurs collage beings with words.
Muslim knees touch Christian grounds asking God to intervene
Indus bobbing heads don’t know which god to keep and which one to give up
Catholic statues fall down before the cross of Christ
Poseidon from Greece arranges a date with MamiWata from Central Africa
And the world goes around and around
And around and around goes the world


9 thoughts on “Polyphony

  1. It is so vivid, Jomul. a portrayal of larger-than-life words. There is a different image in each line, it crops up the understanding root of our beliefs. There is something subtle in this, in their faces. You are a passionate reader of images, and so you reflect the mind — you ink life. You have an amazing persona.

    A polyphonous symmetry.
    And around and around goes the world.
    Loving it so much. I can feel it. Ah!

    • Thanks a lot Pawan, I wasn’t sure about this poem when I wrote it like a year ago, but I wanted it to be thickly layered with images and sounds.
      Merci for seeing what I was aiming for!

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