Fire through the rain

sometimes rain falls under the Sun

and all you get is a rainbow

colors of fire that shine through the rain

and for a moment you are there

light, whole, full, entire,

then you hit the ground again

but you remember to keep you head in the sky

even as you walk the Earth.

Colors of fire shine through rain

While I shoot for the sky

I lift my arms to hug it

And hang my face to dry

As the wind blows past me

I shake all the lost feelings

And remind them that stars are watching

You can’t stop now

You can’t stop yet

Pray the Heavens for your wings

To carry you over and through this storm

I know it is still dark

But birds will sing the morning into coming

So listen

Forget your sleep and your scars

It’s time to paint your future

Just look at the rainbow

As the colors of fire shine through rain.


7 thoughts on “Fire through the rain

  1. There you laid the stone — Inspiring and believable.

    How beautiful moments can be. The way we see world, and how we want to see love on every face. It is the pure heart and the colours it invites, in each moment of this life.

    Peace. Love. Blessings. 🙂

  2. Joe, this is wonderful! Committing to hope in the midst of pain. Choosing light in the center of darkness. Exactly as it should be. Yes. Yes.

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