I don’t know what to say

There is blood being spilled. Limbs are being cut. Men, women, children, loved by someone are having their lives taken away. This is all happening in the East of Congo. I left pieces of my childhood in that area. Haunting memories that would go on spilling ink as long as I breathe.

I am on this side of the Atlantic, more closer to Japan than to Congo. I want to send parts of me over there to make this nonsense stop. My extended family is scared but safe for now, but who knows for how long.

Petitions like this are being made to the American empire on behalf of men and women who just want to have a normal life. Nothing fancy, just some peace to work, study, pray, eat and love.

All I can think about this last week is that this can’t go on, so I will take this new journey one day at a time…


9 thoughts on “I don’t know what to say

  1. I hope peace finds a way in their lives.
    I would like to quote William Allen White here:
    “If each man or woman could understand that every other human life is as full of sorrows, or joys, or base temptations, of heartaches and of remorse as his own . . . how much kinder, how much gentler he would be.”

    I hope a new day comes, Jomul.

  2. Reblogged this on The Sand County and commented:
    There are very many reasons to visit Joe’s blog. Here is one more eloquent testament to why I feel compelled to keep reading him. Some people have hearts so large they can take in the whole world. . . .

      • It is eloquent and heartfelt and I was very moved by what you wrote. I have a special place in my heart for causes (and testimonials) that come from heart, memory and from a childhood bond.

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