One Last Kiss

Put this life to rest I ask
Hold me preciously
Like you would the universe
Gently but firmly
In this last hour, leave my eyes open
For me to delight in Death’s face
Before she kisses me adieu
I hope to feel her cold lips on my wet brow
And for that one kiss I now live
Splitting every breath I take
Savoring every second I wait
Blank I came, full I’m leaving
If a fancy leads you to look me up
Place your right hand on your left breast
I will be knocking behind every beat.


5 thoughts on “One Last Kiss

  1. There is a touch of gloominess, and there is a touch of sweet love — I can paint a canoe of death, where last melody is to be sung — creating an eternal atmosphere in feelings.
    It is gentle, but firm. The last line could not be better, and surely there would be different interpretations.

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