It’s not just the prose that’s amazing, but the setting, the pace, the feeling behind these words that makes it amazing.


no tooth of wisdom

There’s no question that I am self absorbed

it’s when I touch your heart

that everything gets confusing

I mean look at us

we waste each other

as we go on kissing and stabbing

at each other’s Achilles’ heels

we make stupid statements like

all is fair in love like in war

when we are just too weak

to hold the thorns that are holding

the roses that we are

we say hurtful things like

I’m tired of you

when it’s our hearts that’s stopped pumping

and our smiles from shining

and our hands from holding

too often we have mocked

the quirks and oddities that glued us

now we are spent

in our quest for someone normal

we were fools in love

with no tooth of wisdom

to chew out the ego

and keep this grain of happiness to ourselves


Believing is seeing

who taught you to not see

that small defiant light of yours

shining defiantly

against the darkness surrounding it?

who taught you to stop believing

in the small wonders that you do

the way you dance to abandon

and sing like stars are listening

because they are

who taught you to not see

the beauty that you are

the love that you are

the god that you are

Now feel and grip this ecstasy

that comes in waves

to wash away expired skins

yes you don’t need that anymore

That one too

especially this one too

now go on out there

and teach them that believing is seeing

Hear hear!

Here’s to beginnings

here’s to new skies and new sights

here’s to new lives and recycled lives

here’s to endless sense of wonders

that washes my soul over and over

here’s to relentless rises

after every fall

here’s to small heart gestures

that reset the love meter back

here’s to every YES moment

that obliterates the NO we are told

here’s to every kiss and embrace

that jump starts little ressurrections

here’s to sunlight

hiding behind clouds

tugging you and I gently

to not let the light

in our eyes dim any longer