Hear hear!

Here’s to beginnings

here’s to new skies and new sights

here’s to new lives and recycled lives

here’s to endless sense of wonders

that washes my soul over and over

here’s to relentless rises

after every fall

here’s to small heart gestures

that reset the love meter back

here’s to every YES moment

that obliterates the NO we are told

here’s to every kiss and embrace

that jump starts little ressurrections

here’s to sunlight

hiding behind clouds

tugging you and I gently

to not let the light

in our eyes dim any longer


4 thoughts on “Hear hear!

  1. For a man who has clearly known pain, Joe, it inspires me how well you capture the beauty and the strength of hope. If I have not said so before, I should say now how happy I am that you share your words with us here.

    • You wouldn’t believe how much I need these words myself, but I am one to always believe and always hope against the heartbreaking realities surrounding us.
      Thanks a lot, I appreciate you saying that.

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