And if you were

And if you were to live a thousand years

not one day will be like the other

Seasons and calendars paint our lives in broad strokes

but it’s the seconds we steal

to stand a minute in eternity

our feet slightly above the ground

to tap into the timeless song of births and deaths

and the exquisite lives stolen between them

before long we relax our jaws

loosen the buttons of our shirts

and lose the handle of our legs and arms

as we get electrified over and over again

by the thunder in our hearts.


Stunned Facade


under the stone face

rivers roar, seas growl

under the stone face

the heart bounces, hops, leaps and dances

under the stone face

the mind lights up

under the stone face

tears run loose and squeeze dry the heart

under the stone face

fast bodies lie

compensating for superficiality and inaccuracy

under the stone face

waves wave and break free the stunned fac



I really can’t escape myself

I mean I walk through the same path every day

even when I change shoes, clothes, haircut, cars

I always end up on the same path

I feel programmed to speak, act as I always have

sometimes the sun rises inside me

and for a moment, I escape the circle

I run free

defying gravity and I enjoy the lack of purpose

but it’s a dream

I always wake up in the circle

my hands, my feet and my mouth doing the work for me

no matter how loud I protest

I can’t escape myself