I really can’t escape myself

I mean I walk through the same path every day

even when I change shoes, clothes, haircut, cars

I always end up on the same path

I feel programmed to speak, act as I always have

sometimes the sun rises inside me

and for a moment, I escape the circle

I run free

defying gravity and I enjoy the lack of purpose

but it’s a dream

I always wake up in the circle

my hands, my feet and my mouth doing the work for me

no matter how loud I protest

I can’t escape myself


5 thoughts on “Escape

  1. I like how it is the sun rising inside of you that brings you that temporary moment of freedom. That is a very rich image and thought. I wonder why it is the sun. . . there is something really lovely in that.

    I definitely want to share this one. 🙂

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