Stunned Facade


under the stone face

rivers roar, seas growl

under the stone face

the heart bounces, hops, leaps and dances

under the stone face

the mind lights up

under the stone face

tears run loose and squeeze dry the heart

under the stone face

fast bodies lie

compensating for superficiality and inaccuracy

under the stone face

waves wave and break free the stunned fac


5 thoughts on “Stunned Facade

  1. There is such a placid, cold demeanor in so many whom we encounter out there. Yet beneath the facade, I must assume there is a tempest raging or waves breaking. Or hearts. Our connections feel so limited in this world, Joe. And I have never been very good at reading faces, sensing pleasure, displeasure, desire, fear. The coldness out there becomes so pervasive at times that I wonder just how much warmth is left underneath. I honestly sense more warmth here among the words of writers who touch my heart. The faces of those I have never physically seen become at times more real and more honest to me than so many of the faces out there.

  2. I like the repetition here. At first, I felt a tide ebbing and flowing while I read. There is a water sensibility here which I immediately identified with.

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