This morning I woke up and thought about kissing each and every single one of my toes

You bring your mind and every ache and every bliss you have felt to this moment

This moment where your skin is brushing against other life runners

You know the hunger

You delight in every in and out of your lungs

And then this moment turns into eternity

The blood isn’t inside your body anymore

And souls are screaming everywhere

This moment is eternity


There is no hash tag

These aren’t bold printed letters on a newspaper

It’s your skin that’s open

Your toes that are missing

And your soul that’s shattered

This moment is eternity


Past and future have crashed

Present is swollen and hurts to touch

But you are here with everyone and no one

Strangers holding you, caressing and humming you to sleep

This moment is eternity


The silence enters the noise

The noise surrounds the silence

And you are one with this moment

You are still running

Stretching the horizons of humanity

With every stride that connects you with the Earth’s heart

Your heart beats

Your lungs expands

This moment is eternity



Do you hear as I hear the gods mumbling?

counting each grain of humanity

mixing the good and the bad

Their mischievous smile shines at night

so we had to learn how to be naked

shed our skins and walk off still smiling

the winds parted our hair gently

we moved with fire

whispering to all:

“Burn, my friend, always burn

never let that light fade away”