I came out roaring

Screaming, clutching for dear life

The Earth, indifferent, resumed rotation

While I clawed for nourishment

And the warmth I left behind

But then I heard her melody

Then felt her warmth

I was home in her arms




Growth is purely accidental

You outgrow your shoes

Your shirts, your pants even your shadow

But ears don’t outgrow the head

And parents can still hold you in their palms.


The lessons of humanity parallel one another

There’s the familiar bump, itch, loss and euphoria

That come and go in a loop

And turns you expectant of familiar changes

But always leave you with emotional baggages




Death is a stranger who visits once

Only to never leave you again

I can’t help but stare it in the eye

No matter how busy my hands and feet are

I try to keep the conversation flowing

And my heart light and nimble.

It’s not polite to judge others’ bread and butter

Unless you are invited to.

The punctuation of life is made of full stops

Where the breath leaves

And seems to never return

And eternity yawns a small door open

And I return to animal communication.

For my funeral I want roaring lions

Dances sun up to sundow

And above all else

Mad and steamy copulation in the animal kingdom.



The length of a name


A name is a distance between one heart and another

A name, a proper one must be licked properly

You have three names:

One to brush the hairs on your skin

Another to tug your heart

And one to put you on a leash


Some names are so sweet they melt

On your tongue and light you up

Head to toes

Some names are so sour they make

You question existence.


A name is a fallen soldier with no tag

Like a dog in the streets of Kinshasa.


And there’s the way babies snatch the whole of you

They lift the veil wrapped tightly around you

Their eyes not knowing what they are seeing

Or feeling what they are seeing.


So you hide your name in your breast pocket

And forget it altogether

Even when it’s printed on billboards

And you pass it by everyday

On your way to epic stuff

A life is how many times

You walked and ran

The length of your name

Sliding and climbing

One letter to the next

And falling, yes, falling a lot

While your shadow takes your name

From the breast pocket

And goes around causing déjà vus all over the place.