Nothing ever happened


You spread your vulnerability like a wet blanket

And let it dry in an atmosphere of warmth and affection

Then you would watch it fade away

Like nothing ever happened

But for me vulnerability was a dirty word

You can’t say even when you feel it:


I hurt

I cry

I ache


But I’ve been told

A beautiful man takes pride in his scars

While a weak man relives the trauma underneath them

So I always turn the lights out

Whenever I cry myself to sleep

And wake up to another day

Like nothing ever happened.



I have had nothing but good stinking years

The kind you hide between the pages of a book

And hope to God no one would read them

Because what is man to God.

I done told you that if I come across you

It would be the end of one of us

Because only one of us will inherit this Earth

And I been there done that being last

So I won’t let you or God be in my way to Promise Land.

I swear to you if I catch you

With the crumbs on your face

And you lie to my face

There will not be Heaven on Earth.


Je ne sais pas ce qui est

Arrive à l’allure des années.

L’élasticité de nos élans s’est affaiblie

Nos humours manque de piquant

Et nos fièvres de joie leur intensité

Tu restes néanmoins ma belle

Et moi ton beau

Toujours prêts à éclipser les fronts plissés

D’un coup de hanche par ici et par la

Je ne sais pas et je ne m’en soucie pas

Le soleil se lève et se rendort

Quand il lui semble bon

Le vent souffle à tête perdue

Et nous n’avons qu’à marcher sur terre avec légèreté

Réservant nos plus belles fleurs pour les tombes.