I have had nothing but good stinking years

The kind you hide between the pages of a book

And hope to God no one would read them

Because what is man to God.

I done told you that if I come across you

It would be the end of one of us

Because only one of us will inherit this Earth

And I been there done that being last

So I won’t let you or God be in my way to Promise Land.

I swear to you if I catch you

With the crumbs on your face

And you lie to my face

There will not be Heaven on Earth.


One thought on “Listen

  1. heard he cut a man down
    in some border town
    or near the Rio Grande

    & he’s been on the run
    on the run
    on the hitch a hike
    outta here
    & are you going all the way
    to the El Camino?

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