La Raison s’est Tue devant Ma Beaute

You don’t need to watch me grow

Said the flower to the gardener

I drink God’s tears

And open up to God’s eye

But I turn beautiful everyday

Because of your love gaze

Strangers pass me by all the time

And ask: Why are you so divine?

As if they had eternity

To fully comprehend the answers I have

However short my days are

I brought wonders to this world

In the eyes of every beholder

La raison s’est tue devant ma beaute

And I will be ready when the wind comes calling

For me to go to the four corners of the Earth

And you would always smile and wave

Whenever the wind would pass you by


Li(v)es to live

I will lie to you again and again

There’s just

No other way about it

I will look you in the eye

Breathe out

And make the truth the lie

And the lie the truth

You would want to know why

You would want to make sense of this

Find logic to chaos

But the light would hurt your eyes

And burn you from inside out

So do us both a favour

And eat this from my hand

It will be bitter in your mouth

But sweet to your stomach

There’s just

No other way about this

We both have li(v)es to live

Evening Dinner of a Toothless Tiger

I entered the cage of a toothless tiger

I couldn’t hear my thoughts

Because of my heart pounding in my ears

He knew my fear better than I did

Even though he’s been vegetarian for years now

I thought I saw the old hunger in his eyes

His claws still remained as sharp as ever

And could take off me

The embarrassing folds of flesh

So I made myself as small as possible

As cheap as my life was

It was still mine

And I wanted a different ending other than

“evening dinner of a toothless tiger”

And maybe that’s why I was never seen again

At least he knocked me out

Before indulging himself

I hear I wasn’t a pretty sight

After he was finished with me

You go ahead and try to enjoy meat

When you have no teeth left

The village rose like a man

Seeking revenge for one of his own

They buried us next to each other

So that we may go hunting into the endless nights

The man needs his cave

The light is inviting this morning

Kissing the skin of villains and saints

Forcing the shadows in my life to retreat

And make the ugly, beautiful truth

To come out naked

With all the strings loose

Because you can’t let the truth roam free

In these streets for all eyes to see

Underneath your clothes

What god and you have made in the dark

So you bargain with the light

Trace a line in the sand

Where she begins

And you end

The man needs his cave

And there’s going to be a rumble in the jungle

For whoever denies me

My godforsaken, American right

lower your hips

These days I practice the stance of a gold miner

Bent knees and lowered wait

Eyes focused on the streams of life

Sifting thought the drab of routine

Just for the shadow of God

That will appease my thirst

Even as  I stay feverish and shivering

My hair falling by the day

And my flesh sliding off me

In a quiet betrayal

I know as sure as I can feel

My left ear wet

From the lick of Death’s tongue

That my bones will remain standing

My knees bent and my waist lowered

As time gently withers me away

I will turn my days in all angles

Still waiting to find the shadow of God to come along


Brain is a code word for personal notes on patient’s info made by a healthcare provider.


I lost my brain one hour ago

I had left it next to the computer screen

But foreign hands grabbed it

As if they needed  an extra brain

But I can’t blame them

I do suffer from brain envy sometimes

It comes on suddenly like unwanted erection

And leaves me drooling like an imbecile

Over Mozart, Einstein, Da Vinci and Yeats

But I’m quick to recover myself

At least to remember the white mask on my black face

My fingers go every feature of it

Like a blind man reading faces

Trying to tell where my face starts and the mask ends

But I’m already losing my train of thoughts

That’s what happens when you leave your brain everywhere

With no regard as to the brain envy out there

For now I will keep on smiling to everyone I meet

I hope no one will be able to tell

How brain dead I am

But I Feel Fine

My heart jumped and leaped

Until it got stuck in my mouth

And for a minute or two

I couldn’t do nothing else

But wait and hope

Even breathing was risky

What if it fell on the ground

And I could never get the dirt off it?

I’m willing to risk my heart for a lot of things

But I wasn’t just going to let it drop

Like another luxury toy given by Papa

Hearts don’t come cheap these days

He would say

So you lose, you snooze

But for now I felt stupid

Standing with my heart in my mouth

Waiting for Mr. Godot

Waiting as if I had time in my pocket

But couldn’t read the hands

Because the ticking reminded me

That I was a bomb waiting to get off

And there was no time like now

For me to live the life no one has ever had

All I had to do was swallow my heart back

No harm no foul

Let’s all pretend nothing ever happened

Be nice to myself for once

So I closed my eyes

And in one gulp my heart was back in place

Acting like nothing ever happened

But no one has ever heard it beat again

My doctors and lovers lose heart over it

But I feel fine

I can hear my heart ticking away

Reminding me I would go off one day.