Just another shadow

I passed by the bathroom mirror the other day

and saw a black man staring back at me

I looked around to see if there was someone else around

but when I returned my gaze

he was still there, looking at me

as if we knew each other

quel toupet!

I wish I could slap the grin off his face

but I was too well mannered for that

and I didn’t want to attract attention

you know the kind: that black on black crime

so I just stuffed down all that anger

where all the other resentment and unresolved issues

were cluttering the halls of my heart

There was no rush

I had places to go and ties to wear

I will get to it at some point

The black man still had a mocking grin on his face

and I was about to turn black with rage

but I heard my phone ring

It was an unknown number

and for that second I forgot myself

when I looked up, he was gone

so I adjusted my tie and left

not noticing that my shadow had stayed in the mirror


2 thoughts on “Just another shadow

  1. Your statement begins with a light:
    “you know the kind: that black on black crime”

    Amazing, Jomul. I’m glad to come here again.
    Blessings and love.

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