But I Feel Fine

My heart jumped and leaped

Until it got stuck in my mouth

And for a minute or two

I couldn’t do nothing else

But wait and hope

Even breathing was risky

What if it fell on the ground

And I could never get the dirt off it?

I’m willing to risk my heart for a lot of things

But I wasn’t just going to let it drop

Like another luxury toy given by Papa

Hearts don’t come cheap these days

He would say

So you lose, you snooze

But for now I felt stupid

Standing with my heart in my mouth

Waiting for Mr. Godot

Waiting as if I had time in my pocket

But couldn’t read the hands

Because the ticking reminded me

That I was a bomb waiting to get off

And there was no time like now

For me to live the life no one has ever had

All I had to do was swallow my heart back

No harm no foul

Let’s all pretend nothing ever happened

Be nice to myself for once

So I closed my eyes

And in one gulp my heart was back in place

Acting like nothing ever happened

But no one has ever heard it beat again

My doctors and lovers lose heart over it

But I feel fine

I can hear my heart ticking away

Reminding me I would go off one day.


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