Brain is a code word for personal notes on patient’s info made by a healthcare provider.


I lost my brain one hour ago

I had left it next to the computer screen

But foreign hands grabbed it

As if they needed  an extra brain

But I can’t blame them

I do suffer from brain envy sometimes

It comes on suddenly like unwanted erection

And leaves me drooling like an imbecile

Over Mozart, Einstein, Da Vinci and Yeats

But I’m quick to recover myself

At least to remember the white mask on my black face

My fingers go every feature of it

Like a blind man reading faces

Trying to tell where my face starts and the mask ends

But I’m already losing my train of thoughts

That’s what happens when you leave your brain everywhere

With no regard as to the brain envy out there

For now I will keep on smiling to everyone I meet

I hope no one will be able to tell

How brain dead I am


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