Evening Dinner of a Toothless Tiger

I entered the cage of a toothless tiger

I couldn’t hear my thoughts

Because of my heart pounding in my ears

He knew my fear better than I did

Even though he’s been vegetarian for years now

I thought I saw the old hunger in his eyes

His claws still remained as sharp as ever

And could take off me

The embarrassing folds of flesh

So I made myself as small as possible

As cheap as my life was

It was still mine

And I wanted a different ending other than

“evening dinner of a toothless tiger”

And maybe that’s why I was never seen again

At least he knocked me out

Before indulging himself

I hear I wasn’t a pretty sight

After he was finished with me

You go ahead and try to enjoy meat

When you have no teeth left

The village rose like a man

Seeking revenge for one of his own

They buried us next to each other

So that we may go hunting into the endless nights


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