It’s all about the Neck

I always put my neck out there

For me and mine

Because I know that one has to die in order to live

At birth my parents were worried

About not seeing my neck

They worried that my head would dangle

Bobble with every wind blowing by

But we soon found out how robust my neck was

Short but bull strong neck

Ready to pull all of me and mine

Alas, the government has issued rules and regulations

About having your neck out there

Because everyone has the right to live but not to die

Especially when dying guarantees the lives of me and mine

So I took my life to the black markets

And exposed my neck to every passer by

You never know

Someone just might be willing

To grab me by the neck


5 thoughts on “It’s all about the Neck

  1. It is that neck which travelled through lanes—which bought vision to capture the plight and purpose of others. Your attempt is thoroughly seen on the neck that lives for that dawn.

    Beautifully aroused, Jomul.

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