La Chenille or the Caterpillar with a Broken Heart

Here’s the English version of the short story I wrote earlier in French “La Chenille”. I feel like it’s more polished in some ways.

The caterpillar slow danced its way on a dead leaf while the moon shone with pride in the starry night and my heart broke apart. Days went by, it rained, the sun shone and my pain strangled me.

To lose you, I had sinned again and again, month after month after sin; I was driven by self-destructive feelings and I didn’t know how to let them go.

I was the caterpillar condemned to never become a butterfly, to never know the dizziness of heights or the perfume of flowers. I was the caterpillar who would never be pursued by the angelic laughter of children and will never the mute contemplation of the melancholic and of the thinker.

I remember to this day when your transformation happened. It just rained not too long and the sun was admiring itself through the drops of water hanging by the leaves. I had taken refuge under the leaf, leaving just for a little while to nourish myself while you, my heart, were left suspended on a leaf.

My eternal regret apart from my wasted life was to miss your new birth. Not a day goes by without me reliving again and again discovering your naked chrysalis and I could see your divine beauty navigating the air like the eagles, these masters of heavens.

It took another week before my eyes had the pleasure to see again, but it was a short term pleasure because I noticed at your sides a male butterfly who kept trying to woo her with all sorts of acrobatic moves. The torments of hell seemed light compared to the sight of you and my rival. How beautiful the two of you were! How carefree and light!

And in the foolishness of my despair, I kept following the two of you until you disappeared from sight. After that I looked for death in all possible ways. I placed myself often on the way of a predator I could meet, birds, toads, lizards and spiders but to no avail. My distress seemed to fool their interest in me.

Came the day when you saw me and you started making your way toward me, the universe stopped to watch, and all of a sudden a bat flew by and swallowed you effortlessly. Mute with rage, I then started screaming after him to take me too so I may be reunited with you finally, but he kept on going like nothing ever happened. Apparently I was to die of sadness and old age. But here is where my story ends because a few days later, I heard a familiar movement of wings and as I was about to turn around, I felt all over the sticky saliva of the bat and then darkness.


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