Mea Culpa

They say give your heart

But they refuse me theirs

I tell them walk a few miles in my shoes

Breathe with my breath

Cry with my heart

Touch with my hands

Speak with my mouth

While I let words drip out of my lips

As I do lip service for my daily performance

I am The Invisible Man who doesn’t exist

I do want to apologize for being blind

I can’t seem to let things out

For me and us to see,

So I cry silent tears

For all the screaming blood

That my need(for house, water and a warm meal) has caused,

I do want to apologize,

If you see me walking naked

It’s for us to stop and wonder

If the Earth is only flat

And if all roads lead to Roma

If I am man and not animal

If the sky is blue and the trees are green

If I am a saint and not a sinner

If Jesus Christ is God and a Man

If the serpent is the Devil

If your shadow is your soul

If my friends are my enemies

If Obama is black and not white

If there is an end to this poem

So I can return to my normal life.


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