The English version of the earlier poem “Perdu d’avance”

This love story has run its course

But the heart likes to edit here and there

Nothing too serious

Just a little something to correct the archives

That our break up was entirely because of her

And I didn’t have much to say

And also that’s how we fell in love

One beautiful morning she told me:

You love me and I love you. We are a couple


Alice was known to show her Amazon colors

She loved to blast Tina Turner’s albums

Whenever we went for a drive

And her curly hair will be floating in the wind

And I liked to imagine holding her by her hair

When she will be in my bed

There’s no doubt that I was burning up with desire

And when the day came

I had the absolute certitude

That paradise must be an infinite orgasm


Then again our history is like millions of others

Spring was short and beautiful

Summer found us always embracing one another

And I was too distracted when fall finally came

Winter completely took me by surprise

I still remember her wet lips on mine

Before she gave me le coup de grace:

It’s over between us

How funny


I don’t know when she left the apartment

I don’t know how many days went by

With me spread out on the sofa

But I’ve been told 7 days

Firefighters broke through the door

Because of the smell of death leaking out

But it was just my heart


After a few days of intravenous

I recovered speech

And came back to life

Like nothing ever happened


I still see her face in a crowd

And that’s when I start running

With my heart beating in my ears

Until I run out of breath and willpower

I have decided to finally join the P.A.A

The Passive Lovers Anonymous

And that’s where I met Ilana,

She was this half black half Jewish girl

Who blamed her bad taste in men on her racial history

We exchanged looks and smiles

Waiting for the day

When one of us will be willing to plunge again

And taste again the dizziness of love




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