Nothing is as burdensome as a corpse

Nothing is as burdensome as an  overweight corpse

He said to himself as he grabbed the folds of his flesh

While standing naked in front of the mirror

Naked and annoyed

Then he opened his fridge

And stood there lost in thought

He liked the artificial kiss of the cold on his warm skin

Then he emptied his entire fridge in trash bags

Ice cream, beer, cheese, milk, eggs, pop, cakes and meats

All went into the trash bag

But as he was about to go outside

He realized he was still naked

Naked and free

But he went back to put on some shorts

And then went to the dumpster and threw it away

He returned to his house and wrote an email to his ex wife:

“Make sure they throw me to the sharks when I’m dead.”

He saved it in the drafts folder like all the others

Today was a new day

A good day to be saved

But he was thirsty and hungry now

He sat for God knows how long

Thinking about all his food in the dumpster

And the maggots having a feast day

Today was a good day to swim

oh to swim in the waters of salvation

and to be made new

if the sharks don’t get to him first


La Lucha

I must have the world at my feet

And feel the high of divine power

I stay awake at night devising stratagems about it

I have stacks upon stacks of black ledgers

Filled with notes written in black ink

Detailing my plans for world domination

The truth about me is simple:

Being born with nothing, I have nothing trying to gain it all

So every morning after prayer

I train assiduously one muscle group at a time

Because nothing is as gentle as true strength

I also trim off the fat I don’t need

Just enough to be light on my feet

Once I have the world on my back

As to training my mind it’s a whole different matter

Knowledge weighs more than gold

So with every penny I buy myself some knowledge

Because omniscience is the only omnipotence

I’m diligent as to who I sell portions of my soul to get gold

Using gold to get knowledge

And knowledge to get gold

I just have to have the world at my feet

There’s just no other way about it

Because being born with nothing

I have nothing to lose trying to gain it all.

No one Must Know

It wasn’t the endless hours at his job that made him leak like that

At least he told himself that every morning

As he peered into the eyes of his reflection

Trying to sink those words all the way down to his bones

Before he could go out to greet the world

He had to make sure beyond the clouds of doubt

That his face only carried the proper feelings

For anyone he interacted with in this concrete jungle

No one must know

Or even hear the rumble, the sound of Earth groaning,

rolling around in his belly

Whenever someone would see past the face he wore

And he would only feel safe

When he has put a world between him and that person

That was the only thing that gave him shivering nightmares

To be found out for the adventurous, freak of nature that he was

So he suffered his job with a suppliant’s heart

The fear of unemployment was his fear of God

And he knew the hollowness in him could only spread

Until his name would be swallowed up by it

All traces of his person would evaporate

As if he never existed

So no one must know

Or see past the face he had on

The world would never be the same again.

“God never has a chance to see how strong your thighs are” Ngugi Wa Thiongo

You sweep the floor with your oval dress

And boil olive oil calmly for your cheating husband about to return,

You gave sleeping pills to the children to

Sleep through his screams,

Your heart has had too many

Wounds to be restarted again

You knew this day

Would come when he stopped

Telling you how nice your thighs looked

When desire left his eyes

And you could hear the wind sing

Sad songs of love for pretty old ladies

Who give toothless smiles

To grumpy grandchildren who grow too fast

And talk about love at 10 years old

Before their hearts are broken.

So you knew this day

Would come when he made your heart stop

And you killed everything about you

To be everything for him,

And how he has to die

For you to be born again.

A Sleeping god

I still remember when I tripped over him

He didn’t budge or react

I wasn’t looking where I was going

And I tripped over the body of a god

Sleeping on the road

A white haired, white beard, homeless god

That no one seemed to notice

My initial frustration quickly evaporated

At the sight of a homeless god sleeping

His ribs were showing through his ripped shirt

And despite the cool night

He was warm to the touch

As I ran my fingers over and over his rib cage

I noticed the missing rib

Which God had taken for unknown reasons

God had a lot of need to know basis acts

Like tornadoes, moonsoons, famines and floods

You could ask why until you turn blue or green

But all you will get is a bureaucratic silence

But why was a homeless god was sleeping

On the path I walk every day?

Meanwhile I couldn’t stop stroking his beautiful ribs

And wondering if he was ever going to wake up

The traffic of busy lives around us never stopped

Except for your occasional voyeurs

And not long after a cult was formed

With me as the priest for the sleeping god

I never paid them attention

Since my fingers were intent

On unraveling the mysteries of god’s ribs

I was so drinking the nectar of gods

That I failed to notice when I passed

From this life to the next

And just has my head fell to his chest

As if I was intent on listening to his heartbeat

He opened his eyes

And I never returned to this life

I was part of the lives and universes that dwelled inside him

Apparently I was the first to stumble on a homeless god sleeping

And now you have been warned

Watch where you stop

You just might find yourself

Stroking the ribs of a homeless god sleeping