No one Must Know

It wasn’t the endless hours at his job that made him leak like that

At least he told himself that every morning

As he peered into the eyes of his reflection

Trying to sink those words all the way down to his bones

Before he could go out to greet the world

He had to make sure beyond the clouds of doubt

That his face only carried the proper feelings

For anyone he interacted with in this concrete jungle

No one must know

Or even hear the rumble, the sound of Earth groaning,

rolling around in his belly

Whenever someone would see past the face he wore

And he would only feel safe

When he has put a world between him and that person

That was the only thing that gave him shivering nightmares

To be found out for the adventurous, freak of nature that he was

So he suffered his job with a suppliant’s heart

The fear of unemployment was his fear of God

And he knew the hollowness in him could only spread

Until his name would be swallowed up by it

All traces of his person would evaporate

As if he never existed

So no one must know

Or see past the face he had on

The world would never be the same again.


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