La Lucha

I must have the world at my feet

And feel the high of divine power

I stay awake at night devising stratagems about it

I have stacks upon stacks of black ledgers

Filled with notes written in black ink

Detailing my plans for world domination

The truth about me is simple:

Being born with nothing, I have nothing trying to gain it all

So every morning after prayer

I train assiduously one muscle group at a time

Because nothing is as gentle as true strength

I also trim off the fat I don’t need

Just enough to be light on my feet

Once I have the world on my back

As to training my mind it’s a whole different matter

Knowledge weighs more than gold

So with every penny I buy myself some knowledge

Because omniscience is the only omnipotence

I’m diligent as to who I sell portions of my soul to get gold

Using gold to get knowledge

And knowledge to get gold

I just have to have the world at my feet

There’s just no other way about it

Because being born with nothing

I have nothing to lose trying to gain it all.


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