Nothing is as burdensome as a corpse

Nothing is as burdensome as an  overweight corpse

He said to himself as he grabbed the folds of his flesh

While standing naked in front of the mirror

Naked and annoyed

Then he opened his fridge

And stood there lost in thought

He liked the artificial kiss of the cold on his warm skin

Then he emptied his entire fridge in trash bags

Ice cream, beer, cheese, milk, eggs, pop, cakes and meats

All went into the trash bag

But as he was about to go outside

He realized he was still naked

Naked and free

But he went back to put on some shorts

And then went to the dumpster and threw it away

He returned to his house and wrote an email to his ex wife:

“Make sure they throw me to the sharks when I’m dead.”

He saved it in the drafts folder like all the others

Today was a new day

A good day to be saved

But he was thirsty and hungry now

He sat for God knows how long

Thinking about all his food in the dumpster

And the maggots having a feast day

Today was a good day to swim

oh to swim in the waters of salvation

and to be made new

if the sharks don’t get to him first


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