Keeping the Music Going

I like the way you packaged your hurt to have it to go

You fold it carefully like your mama taught you

It’s painful to watch so I put on dark shades

To blind myself from the truth staring into me

You said you can’t stand how I leave my hurt all over the place

I tag it on the walls, in the bedroom and the living room

The house breathing and swaying with every motion of my soul

But you knew love when you saw it

So every morning you left me

To keep our worlds balanced

I may be the one carrying the world on my back

But you are the feet that keep us grounded and moving

Keeping the music going

Whenever despair threatens to decay us

You may be a tired song to others

But you are my tired song

So every evening I wind up my heart for us

And we would slow dance

Our love stealing time

again and again


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