I Got that Jungle Fever

If my life during daylight is a straight and narrow road

At night, my life turns into a stormy jungle

And for that to happen I have to properly make my bed

Smooth out all the wrinkles

Tuck the sheets in the corners

Drink my merry go around potion

A recipe I would never divulge under torture

And then get all wild with jungle fever

My loved ones don’t know about my jungle fever nights

Because I only do well in a crowd of strangers

I can be the pope, the devil and a god

And these strangers will love or hate me

But they can’t be two faced to my face

I do this to match the noise level of my soul

To avoid the pills, the short sighted doctors and stressed out nurses

I just don’t do well in hospitals

Because you can’t get your freak on at night

And God knows how much I need it

Comes morning

I’m back on the straight and narrow

Nodding yes so much

That I’m surprised my head hasn’t fallen off

I’m glad I still have my head though

I don’t have much of a body

But my head would bring envy out of those greek statue heads

And since my sex organ is between my ears

I need my head for my jungle fever nights

I like this divided life

Nothing pleases me more

Than to know that I fool everyone

And yes including myself

It keeps on my toes like ballet dancers

Because I don’t know what today will bring


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