Protocol to Rule the World

There’s a protocol to follow

If you are to rule the world

Have the madness of kings in small dosage

Remember the woman listened to the snake

And the man listened to the woman

And no one listens to God

If you are a man

Become an eunuch spiritually or physically

Preferably both

If you are a woman

Don’t let it show

If you are neither

Don’t let anyone find out

Most of all get in the habit of causing people’s death

Either voluntarily or unvoluntarily

Preferably both

There’s a quota of souls to meet

But it’s also about quality not just quantity

Study religions and philosophies

Be entirely certain that your reign

Will be like no other

Because history doesn’t repeat itself

Always talk about your humble beginnings

Because you have your ending in mind

Remember finally

That there are endless ways to be cruel

But only one to save the world

Get the innocent Son of Man, Son of God die on a cross


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