A Silent America

Background: The boyfriend was having lunch with his future father-in-law and after a pause for reflection the father of his girlfriend said with a smile:

A jobless, black man is a danger to society.

The boyfriend agreed silently-he thought to himself that this remark didn’t apply to him because although they were both black, they also had jobs. The boyfriend changed topics and they went on their favorite rant concerning education in America.


A jobless, black man is a menace to society

It’s better to keep him in the zoo with the other animals

Because zoos are booming businesses for corporations

Just imagine a backward animal making money for a leech

And creating security jobs for middle brow America

Containment is everything nowadays

The containment and shipment of goods

Some elements in society should be sterilized and contained

Because American must stay clean, white and spotless

For money to flow like blood

From the East to the West

For now let’s bow our heads for a full minute of silence

As I’m being told once again to go back where I came from


Why don’t we return to where we came from

And leave behind everything

And no one to stay around wondering what happens to

The skyscrapers built like Babel towers

The 24 hours malls, casinos and fast foods

The thousands of miles of open road desert

The cold and beloved missile factories

The airplanes parked in our driveways

An empty White House and a dark Wall Street

No alarm going off

No clocking in or out

Just a silent America

Where wild screams from animals and gods have returned

And men hide in caves afraid of the light

Our stars, the TV satellites, will fall weeping

To leave behind a naked sky

But for now let’s return to our programning

Because someone should be telling the masses

How to live and how to die

They need parenting

And we are happy to oblige

Sometimes it means turning potentially dangerous elements of society

Into zoo animals

Just for the sake of good blood flowing

I mean good, clean money flowing

Flowing happily in the suburbs and city centers of America

Even it causes America a heart attack

We have to keep Her happy, high and fat

Because I done told you

That when people don’t know

They just don’t know


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