Eyes Wide Open

My man sleeps eyes wide open

With the TV on and a quiet despair

I know he stopped by OFC on his way here

And asked for wings

To reach the summits of America

But I’m sure the server told him

That he was mistaken about the services OFC provided

For $8.99, he could get a bucket of chicken wings,

Chicken thighs and chicken breasts

Nothing more, nothing less

He would then come home

With a sober mouth and a heart drunk with rage

He would pull our son to the side

And whisper in his ears:

Repeat after: Impossible is nothing

Impossible is nothing

Impossible is nothing

Go to public school

And come out with no hands or body skills

Go to university

And come out with a flipping burgers degree

Get a job and watch your dream turn mute, deaf and blind

And you will die at sixty

Because life broke your heart

Of course I never let him finish

But sometimes I’m caught up in the kitchen

Where he finally comes to give me a kiss

Fermented with the aches of his day

And I return his kiss with mine filled with my own aches

Later in the bedroom

The volume turned down on a rerun of Seinfield

He was sitting at the edge of the bed crying peacefully

Reassuring he would sleep soon

At 2 am I would find him in my arms

His eyes wide open

His breathing deep and slow

And I would remember with horror

That he predicted that the day

He would close his eyes

Was the way he would die

But for as long as he lived

He had to keep his eyes wide open

Staring life in the face


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