To the Black Mountain

In the evening as the sun played Peek-a-boo with us mortals

I went up to the black mountain

To talk with my father, a black Buddha

I never remember what we say to one another

But his baritone, loving voice will resonate

In my body throughout the day

And the next day I find out that I am not myself

I mean I am more myself today than yesterday

I wear the same clothes

Drive the same car

Snore as always

But the “me” today isn’t the “me” yesterday

Excess has fallen off between today and yesterday

Lost but not missed

The resonance of Father’s voice grow stronger everyday

I get caught humming the creating of galaxies

Unaware that every tune is rewriting my genetic code

This is the beginning of the end

Every daily death brings me closer to Father

All I have to do is live this moment fully until final death

And my body will be dusted away to the four winds

And all of me that matters will be with Father

Until the end of worlds.


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