A Serious Complex

I hear women laughing in the forest

Their laughter says to me

We are having a good time

We know things that you don’t know

I don’t like it that they know things I don’t know

I go on a search and rescue mission

But when I find them, their laughter is hidden

In the pockets of those large robes they train around

They resume laughing when I leave

Maybe God is with them

Or worse maybe another man  is entertaining them

And I am the derriere of their joke

But I don’t like the sound of women laughing in the forest

Having a good time

Knowing things I don’t know

Acting like I wasn’t their man

I was nobody’s man

Just some gum sticking to anybody’s shoes.


This Week on the News

“According to a news release from the university of Southern Denmark, physicists have long predicted that the universe may one day collapse and that everything in it will be compressed to a tiny hard ball”


As if I didn’t have my hands, and my mouth and my plate full

I haven’t clipped my toenails in awhile

I haven’t watched Terminator and Rambo in that movie where they are both in jail

I haven’t said “I forgive you” to my father who passed away

I haven’t dusted off my heart

To see if it’s still any good

I have kept my tongue sharp though

Always ready to draw blood

So the universe can collapse all it wants

I will file a deferment request with God

As soon as I finish my hot cocoa, and my hot bath, and the Scandal finale.

He Laughed like A River

The faceless man with the peasant hat and broken toes
Made blues to make the moon weep
He had good smelling truth coming out of a rotten mouth
“Teeth or no teeth, I’m going to chew the world”
He laughed like a river
And I couldn’t see why he would do such a thing
Men with guns told him where to dig and fill their pockets
Petit Kabila didn’t care about the like of us
God hasn’t stopped by in awhile
But for all my puffing, he simply looked at the land
With the fervor of a lover
“Water always washes away the blood
So I always wait for the rain
To remember why I am still standing
When young men are falling
Like shooting stars on a clear night
You see them fly
But no one knows where to
My star is still in the sky
When the time comes
I will retire in the womb of this land”

Know Better

Between yesterday and today

There’s a blackhole

From which I move in and out

Leaving behind good and productive skin

Coming out with old and tired habits

I should know better

Or I mean I should DO better

But when the mountain refuses to come to Mohammed

You know what they say

Be the best or die trying

But I’m a daydreamer

And I get lost contemplating this blackhole

While the world is going up in flames

I should remind you though

We have a balance at work here

Good can’t get too good

And evil can’t get too evil

Otherwise people lose sight

Of where the navel is

And you know what they say

About the one eyed in a world of blind people

Even though the blissful is invisible

And I empathy with those who don’t trust what they see

Because there’s this blackhole between yesterday and today

Where things keep failing in

To never come out

You would lose your heart, arm and legs and not notice

Just because we are all texting and driving

Forgetting to mind the gap

Life or death on a flip of a coin

Children with the power of gods

Too dazed and too high to die too young

But  collectors always come knocking

The balance of universes must be maintained

No yin without the yang

Mais tout se termine dans la merde

You still shouldn’t take my word for it

You should look with your own eyes

Touch with your skin

Collect your own specimen

Just remember that the outside is contaminated

The inside is holy and pure

Like the womb that welcomed Almighty God

But I digress

My point is keep your eyes open

Just not the ones in your skull