He Laughed like A River

The faceless man with the peasant hat and broken toes
Made blues to make the moon weep
He had good smelling truth coming out of a rotten mouth
“Teeth or no teeth, I’m going to chew the world”
He laughed like a river
And I couldn’t see why he would do such a thing
Men with guns told him where to dig and fill their pockets
Petit Kabila didn’t care about the like of us
God hasn’t stopped by in awhile
But for all my puffing, he simply looked at the land
With the fervor of a lover
“Water always washes away the blood
So I always wait for the rain
To remember why I am still standing
When young men are falling
Like shooting stars on a clear night
You see them fly
But no one knows where to
My star is still in the sky
When the time comes
I will retire in the womb of this land”


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