Je Te Presentes…

I’m the only person I can’t run away from

I have blacked out all the mirrors

I spent months in a coma avoiding myself

We just don’t click

Me, myself and I

Despite a lifetime together

I still remember noticing you for the first time

If I knew what I know now

I guess you live and learn

I know better than to take myself seriously

You wouldn’t either if you knew what I know about myself

I always come armed when we meet

You can’t be too safe when you have been hanging around yourself

As long as I have been around myself

But every morning he tells me to give him another chance

And I’m too full of myself

To say no to myself

So I tell myself pretty lies

The ones that make me forget who I am

One day I will learn to swallow all of me

Before I leak out of this world


Another Spring Song

When the Shadows sink claws deep into your neck

And your song has turned into a whisper

Remember how far your roots extend

And that this is just another dry season

No need to lose your grip on past glories

Hibernate if you must

Just keep the volcano grumbling

Making everyone guess

While you weave slowly but surely another spring song

Perdu d’avance

Il faut que je te dise où trouver mon cœur

Surtout quand ma langue cessera de remuer

Mais je ne sais où commencer

J’avais passé ma vie à fuir

Et maintenant que la lampe va s’éteindre

Je trouve la chaleur de ton cœur enivrante

Il est vrai que j’avais la grosse tête

Et maintenant tout ce que je souhaite

Est de garder ma tête sur la poitrine

Et ouvrir mon cœur comme une fleur

Baisée par une abeille

Mais il n’est plus ce qu’il était

Je l’ais ravage à gauche et à droite

Ma tête était alourdie par toutes sortes d’intrigues

Pour être intéressé aux ravages que subissait mon cœur

Ah je sens ma flamme vaciller

Et je n’ai pas encore commence mon histoire

Je vois dans tes yeux les blessures que je t’avais causées

Et rien de ce que je dirais les transformerais en cicatrices

Mais parce que ton cœur s’en ira battant pour bien d’autres années

Je garde l’espoir que lorsque tu trouves mon cœur

Tu lui épargneras

Non par amour pour moi

Mais pour le salut de ton âme.

Good Skin and Good Eggs

Every choice I make must be primarily located on my skin

The harder the choice

The softer the skin

And nothing makes it soft like sweat

It seems to loosen those neurons

And get me a nice, smooth brow

I also go for a soft tissue message

And from the masseuse’s hot breath and powerful hands

My skin turns into baby smooth

Michael Jackson’s moon walk smooth

And I can feel my thoughts

Produce eggs after eggs

And they are all good looking

But peace is not guaranteed

And I wouldn’t afford it anyways

You can’t relax when you have good looking eggs

The wrong foot at the wrong place

And you have to start all over

Mixing blood and tears to start new lives

And that’s were lies the illusion of choice

You have been to the mountain far too long

That you forget the playfulness of God

You play innocent and dive head first

When asked what is your heart’s secret desire

And I stay at the shore worried

about saving only my skin

I watch you rise and fall on the skin of waves

Your laughter shaking the Heavens

You don’t have much skin left but you don’t care

While I stay here taking comfort in all the skin I have

Dream Weaver

I don’t know how long I have been

Playing hide and seek with my dreams

They are always next door

And no matter how often I knock

A pregnant silence always answers me

They can hear me coming

Climbing these stairs with a heavy step

And they go into hiding

As soon as my shadow is at the door

I try to sweet talk them into letting me in

I slide the pictures of my loved ones as strategy

And beg on my knees for my dreams to let me in

One day, gray hair on the rise

I smelled death coming out the apartment

Where my dreams have been living in

I made a pool of tears at the door

And sat there until the smell of death coated my skin

I was supposed to start weaving new dreams

But I was bone tired

And all I wanted was to sleep

And never wake up