Good Skin and Good Eggs

Every choice I make must be primarily located on my skin

The harder the choice

The softer the skin

And nothing makes it soft like sweat

It seems to loosen those neurons

And get me a nice, smooth brow

I also go for a soft tissue message

And from the masseuse’s hot breath and powerful hands

My skin turns into baby smooth

Michael Jackson’s moon walk smooth

And I can feel my thoughts

Produce eggs after eggs

And they are all good looking

But peace is not guaranteed

And I wouldn’t afford it anyways

You can’t relax when you have good looking eggs

The wrong foot at the wrong place

And you have to start all over

Mixing blood and tears to start new lives

And that’s were lies the illusion of choice

You have been to the mountain far too long

That you forget the playfulness of God

You play innocent and dive head first

When asked what is your heart’s secret desire

And I stay at the shore worried

about saving only my skin

I watch you rise and fall on the skin of waves

Your laughter shaking the Heavens

You don’t have much skin left but you don’t care

While I stay here taking comfort in all the skin I have


One thought on “Good Skin and Good Eggs

  1. This poem kept taking interesting and unexpected directions. The extended and even ambiguous image of the eggs made me think that the speaker could be anyone, not simply a human being. Again, I like(d) that about it, Joe.

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