Monster Inc

I am a monster who has outgrown the mask I wear

But I was given the heart of a mother

Because I.just.don’

This extreme polarity keeps me up most nights

But I’m the last person I should face

So all my mirrors are blacked out

And I’m puzzled by my silhouette

When it shows up on glass windows


I wasn’t born a monster though

I was a cheeky babe who kept to himself

But beginnings are like morning fogs

Trees and grass remembers them

Until the sun comes out and purifies them

My destiny wasn’t written anywhere

For prying eyes

To open a smile on my throat

If they knew what I would become

A monster with a mother’s heart

But I play rock, paper, scissors with Death at dinner time

Just to see if I could save everyone

The trouble of killing me softly


It’s my appetite for people’s shadows

That made me a monster

I always stuff my face on the weekend

When people’s shadows are fat and happy

But during the week I keep to myself

Like any other good citizen of our beloved land

I count the days till the week ends

And I won’t be as lonely anymore

These shadows come in all shapes and tastes

I am not one to judge

But it’s getting harder every day

To survive in this concrete jungle

It’s almost impossible to leave your trust with anyone these days

You have to always return home with it.


With life an inconvenience and death a forced retirement

I search for home in the company of other monsters

But they make them like me apparently

A mother’s heart in a monster’s chest

Leaves me no rest until I try my best

To find my quest in this monsters’ nest


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