The House of Fools

The only way to still the world

Is to rock back and forth

Your eyes rolled all the way back in your head

Your mouth spitting the Holy Scriptures

Trying to enter communion with the Man Upstairs

You try for the forty days fast

Only to pass out after three days

When you regain consciousness

You say that you saw God

And He didn’t meet your standards of beauty

We looked aside as if you have taken off your clothes


You were the eldest but no trail blazer

Just another angry, hungry man

Asking like the rest of us:

Where do we go from here?

Because Heavens and Hell aside

All we have is this flicker of life

So fragile and so everything

That we only get an inkling of understanding

When Death shows up unannounced

But you were a good man

Because you lived next door to the Devil

And you learned good from evil first hand

Showing a precocity for both at an early age

You were a closed system too

Regulating and adjusting without outside interference

You were you, yourself and you

Three in one competing for supremacy

And the question still remains

Who was it we had in our family


You live now in the house of fools

And we envy you for having found somewhere to call home after all


One thought on “The House of Fools

  1. This is provocative. . . I am going to be thinking on this, especially those last two lines. It almost reads a little like a riddle. But then again I find that envy is often a riddle too.

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