Whenever I come to new places like America for example

I follow the lead of my big toe

And no wonder I end up in strange places

But I’m like your average Joe

Trying to fit as many cords on my neck

While tap dancing in the air

The morse code for Love Me in Small Bites

Hoping for a call back from Heavens

Just a bonjour, comment vas tu

And a don’t play with the neighbor, he’s the devil


I have had my share of nonsense in my acne days

But you can’t expect me to put on new skin

Every time I cross the Atlantic

Just because this is the land of the milk and honey

to buy way freedom and bravery

But prices aren’t what they used to be

You can’t trust your eyes when you want something

So stay naked whenever you open your hand

And keep a close ear on hearts whispers

This land will swallow you whole and not leave even the bones behind

Only dirty hands get to use knives and forks

The rest of us eat with our eyes

The delicacies of an unjust god



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