Life of a Gigolo

What haven’t I done to make you like me?

I put on lipstick

I sashay in my blue dress

but I’m still a man brought to his knees

uncovering his derriere for le mieux payant

“it’s nothing to be ashamed of”

I whisper it so often that I start to believe it

nothing like blacking out once in awhile

to smooth out the wrinkles of life

Turns out love was too cheap for me to afford it anyways

I’m all about benefits without the friendships

Life has a funny way to beat

The hope of love out you quickly

before you swell up too quickly

and people start giving 2 cents looks

No, I am a man who twerks

and outwork les beaux parleurs

no one sees you

when your money doesn’t throw weights around

but I tell you, friend, no one, yes no one

could sashay like I do


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