Stepping to Live

Here was a man who couldn’t find his music

So he dragged his voice at his feet

But Heavens always came apart

Whenever his voice rose above his navel

Here was a man careful with emotions

He liked to keep them in his breast pocket

warm and close by

While he wrote down carefully in blood an History of Anger

Tracing through his genealogy the impetuous rivers of Anger

He liked walking in long strides

Trying to bring life to himself with every step

He glowed at night

And burned during the day

Because tomorrow never comes

So burn, he says

Burn because tomorrow never comes


Empty Gestures

A simile was hiding underneath my smile

A slim laughter was stuck in my throat

And my throat surrounds this slim laughter with slimy walls

This was the kind of laughter to slip and fall inside you

To never come out of you It will go on echoing inside you

Ricocheting from one rib to another

Making your breasts giggle and harden with excitement

And once it has exhausted you

Leaving from behind

You find afterall how empty you are

And sweetly so

But when fear comes to sit on your lap like a cat

You are too familiar with it to shoo it away

So you look around for whoever or whatever to be swallowed

Just so laughter can return

To purge you again and again


When I’m not busy bleeding all over this page

I put on makeup to keep my face looking young and beautiful

because that’s the only way I can be loved

it’s a pity my heart has turned black overnight

otherwise I would be all over that milky soul of yours

you tell me not to worry

that this isn’t your first rodeo

and I can feel the beast in me wagging its tail for you